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Cassiodor 2.016
We know less than 1 % of the antique literature. We dont know, if the antique textes we know today, were the most precious or most essential ones.
A change of cultural interests during the early centuries repressed knowledge, education and skills within a few generations. We owe the majority of the known antique books to the foresight of one single person and to his private library:
Cassiodor, a south-italian senator, realized during the 6th century, that its high time to collect any antique codices he could get hold on, otherwise everything would have been lost. Cassiodor 2.016 is a project to preserve the most important books of our presence in the MOM archive for future generations, cultures or zivilisations.
science and MOM
Due to digital recording we run the risk to leave almost no permanent records.
In addition, we have an obligation to keep certain information as long as possible. This includes, for example, information about the storage sites of nuclear waste.
MOM is written in different languages. You will also find the explanation of how to forward our present languages into the future.
Find out further scientific backgrounds of the MOM project.

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MOM data carriers
Information is stored onto two types of data carriers. Made from high-tech ceramic material and therefore restistant to pressure, heat, electromagnetic radiation, water and chemicals.